Working Outside the Box with our Downtown Toronto Massage Therapist

We asked Dre, our Massage Therapist here at our Downtown Toronto Integra location, to tell our readers about her unique treatment style and why she decided on a career as a manual therapist. Keep reading to find out what she said:


“Hello, I’m Dre, a massage therapist at Integra and a student of Osteopathy. I practice an “unorthodox” treatment style because I am not swayed by pain. What I mean to say is that I do my very best to find the root cause of why my patients are suffering. I look at the body as a whole instead of honing in on an area of concern.


This tends to spark a bit of confusion when a patient expresses right sided neck pain and I am doing mobilizations on their left hip. “Everything is connected” is the common response I get. And that is 100% correct; the body is a Dynamic Unit of Function!


What makes me seek out further education is the need to understand why people suffer from multiple ailments and how it, indeed, is all connected. I don’t believe people have such bad luck that they suffer from irritable bowel disease, lower back pain, and intercostal neuralgia. When you look at the anatomy and a person lacks mobility, it globally restricts fluid moving. Fluid may not seem like a big deal but let us consider what is fluid is in the body. Blood! Waste! An environment for chemical and electrical currents to your nerves! And of course, my favourite… Poop! Yes, all these things require mobility in order to function. If one area of the body is not moving, you will have other repercussions manifest in your body like heart burn or gout. Or however your body chooses to express dysfunction!


Things like pain, the inability to pass substances, even heart palpitations are merely expressions of things not working. This is a way of your body saying “Hey you!! Something is not right and you need to fix me!”. So yes, mobility as a whole is key to keep things functioning normally and that is why my treatments need to be out of the box and unique for all my patients. We are animals after all, we need run around and play.”


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