The Benefits of Pediatric Sleep Consulting Services

by Sleep Consultant, Anita Patel

You are tired, exhausted, drained, and ready to tap out.  Your baby is taking short naps, waking frequently throughout the night and is dependent on one or more sleep associations in order to fall asleep. If this is you, now is a good time to inquire about sleep consulting.

Below are some of the benefits of hiring a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant:

1. Guidance

The amount of information there is around baby sleep can differ and can often be overwhelming.  You may find yourself spending countless hours reading information about baby sleep on the Internet, reading sleep books, or speaking to friends and family members.  Sleep Consultants will help assess your baby’s behavior and temperament, analyze sleep patterns and environments, and provide expert, unbiased feedback.  Furthermore, Sleep Consultants understand and respect parent’s comfort levels and parenting styles, therefore providing them a customized client experience.  Upon assessment, a Sleep Consultant will create a Sleep Plan and recommend techniques and methods to guide your baby to create healthy sleep habits.


2. The Best for You and Your Child

Sleep helps babies grow.  Sleep helps the body rejuvenate lost cells, allows for proper brain development, and stimulates growth.  Studies have shown that babies who sleep well throughout the night had higher cognitive scores and increased academic success.

3. Restful Sleep For The Entire Family

A Pediatric Sleep Consultant will help you guide your baby to become independent sleepers for naps and night sleep.  If your baby often has short naps and wakes frequently in the middle of the night, independent sleep skills will teach them to consolidate their sleep cycles and sleep long stretches (up to 12 hours straight when they no longer require night feeds!).

4. Success

A Pediatric Sleep Consultant, will resolve your child’s sleep challenges and they will quickly become better sleepers.  You will no longer feel sleep deprived and you will better understand what your baby’s needs are.  You will gain the knowledge behind the science of sleep and be provided with resources to help you through any bumps down the road. 
The benefits of good quality sleep for your baby is endless!  It is never too early or too late to create good sleep habits.


A Pediatric Sleep Consultant will ensure your baby is well rested, which will ease the difficulties and challenges of parenting. 

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