Here’s How You Can Prevent Repetitive Strain Injuries When Working From Home

To book an appointment with one of our talented physiotherapists: With many more people working from home than ever before, it’s become easy for many to fall into the habit of working from the couch or your bed hunched over, with their neck protruding toward the computer. Unfortunately, this is a quick and sure-fire way to experience repetitive strain injuries at home. If you’ve spent 2020 working from your humble......
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“STOPP” Dealing with Stress

Written by psychotherapist Annie Amirault, MSW, RSW. Are you feeling anxious, exhausted, or overwhelmed by stress? When you are in distress, your thoughts are distorted and may not be based in reality. Negative, persistent, and intrusive thoughts about ourselves, others, and the world can get in the way of you living your full potential. Having negative thoughts is part of human nature, but we don't have to take our thoughts......
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Monday Morning Secrets: 7 New Habits to Help Keep You Living Healthy

To book an appointment with our Registered Dietitian, Roselyn Zhang:   New Year, New Resolutions? Nope!   I am sure a lot of you may be gearing up to fulfill your health-related new year resolutions or goals. If your primary intention behind this new year's resolution is to lose a few pounds or to ‘detox’ out of guilt or shame about perceived over-indulgence - it’s more than likely you’ll simply......
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