Massage Therapy & Pregnancy
August 22, 2018 | integraadmin

Our downtown Toronto Massage Therapist, Jocelyn Ho, RMT, at Integra shares her take on Massage Therapy during Pregnancy. Read about the benefits that you may not know about and why it is important to get regular maintenance from week 1.


“Many people are currently unaware of the benefits of Massage Therapy during the time of their pregnancy. Pregnancy is an exciting time, but can also challenge the woman’s body. There are many changes that are happening and aches and pains are usually present. The goals of the treatment during pregnancy and during any other time can be the same; however it will be tailored to the specific needs at the moment. Prenatal Massage is a safe and effective way in assisting with a woman’s positive experience with pregnancy.


Some Benefits of Prenatal Massage:

improved overall sense of well being

relieves tension headaches

relieves muscle and joint pain; ie low back pain, leg pain / cramps

reduces swelling in the feet and ankles

reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression

promotes better sleep


Massage Therapy at our Downtown Toronto clinic can improve overall prenatal health during pregnancy and should be considered an important modality with regular prenatal care. Please note that Massage Therapy during pregnancy, as with any condition, should depend on the needs and experiences of the individuals, and should be discussed with the RMT before treatment.”



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