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We are pleased to announce that co-owners Dr. Sapna Sriram and Alyza Raithatha have been nominated for RBC’s 2019 Women of Influence Award. We are so excited for them, all their hard work and dedication to patient wellness and collaborative care over the years have paid off. And we are most definitely looking forward to the years to come!

Congratulations ladies and GOOD LUCK!


Check out this month’s upcoming talks:

March 08, 2019: Hannam Fertility Centre presents – Fertility & Your Future

Are you curious about your fertility status? 
 Do you worry that by the time you are ready to start your family it might be too late?
Join Dr. Carrie Schram, MD, and Jennifer Malcew, RN, from the Hannam Fertility Centre, as they decode some of the common myths about fertility, explain simple ways you can investigate your fertility status, and help you to understand how you can take control of your family building (whether you are ready now or thinking about your future). 
 Did you know that in Canada, 1 in 6 individuals/couples will struggle with fertility?
Beat the odds and get the information you need from the experts that know best. Hannam Fertility Centre offers patients the shortest time to a healthy pregnancy, visit their website for more information about their services and be sure to join us on March 08, 2019.


March 20, 2019: Women’s Health – The Pelvic Floor


Have you ever wondered what your pelvic floor is and what it does exactly?


Join our talented Pelvic Health Providers Sarah Hull & Emily Czechowskyj as they teach you about common Pelvic Floor dysfunctions from puberty to pregnancy to menopause.


Followed by a short Q&A, this tell all session is all you need to learn more about pelvic health, the muscles that make up your pelvic region, the steps you should be taking to care for you pelvic floor, and more!


Both our speakers offer FREE 15-min consults, so if you would prefer a more private session, these can be booked online.




March 27, 2019: Re.sil.ience – Discover ways of becoming more Resilient

noun: resiliency


Ever wonder what it means to be resilient? Are you wondering why you may not be as resilient as you would like?  Wonder why some people around you are able to manage life’s challenges with much more ease? 


Although your personality trait is one factor that may determine your resilience, it is not the only one to consider. You can cultivate and build your resilience!  Join Psychotherapist, Kavita Patel, in a discussion to explore and discover ways of becoming more resilient so when sh** hits the fan again and again, you will be better euqipped to manage challenges, safe keep your vulnerabilities, and bounce back!




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