Free Parking

  1. Enter FCPEX Parking lot and take your parking ticket.
  2. Present your receipt(s) and parking ticket totaling $50 or more to the security desk
    (FCP main lobby) at 100 King Street W. to have them stamped and receive a 3-hour
    parking voucher.
  3. Exit the garage within 3-hours of arrival.
Rules + Regulations
  1. Offer available for a limited time only
  2. More than one receipt from FCPEX may be submitted to reach a minimum of $50 or
    more tax included
  3. Receipt(s) must be for the same day that you have parked to receive a voucher
  4. If the time between when you arrived in the parking garage and when you exit exceeds
    hours, the daily maximum parking rate of $30 will apply
  5. Upon exiting the parking garage, at the gate, insert the parking ticket you receive at
    entry first, then insert the free 3-hour voucher
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