Family Medicine

  • Why see one of our Family Doctors?

    At Integra, our family physician practice is able to provide continuity of care as well as a network of physicians accessible if necessary. The benefit of having a family doctor with Integra Health Centre is it allows you to bypass the inconvenience of having to repeatedly explain your medical concerns as our network of doctors have shared access to all our patients for ease and convenience of care.

    Family Doctors at Integra Health Centre are able to coordinate all forms of care, including those requiring specialists. They are able to make sure you are seen by the appropriate specialists and ensure you are able to integrate your care plan into your lifestyle effectively.

    Maintaining an ongoing relationship with a family doctor (primary care physician) can positively influence overall health outcomes. With their additional unique access to a full allied health team our doctors are able to tailor their care with many alternative forms of medicine for best possible outcomes.

  • Integra’s Holistic Approach to Family Medicine

    Family Doctors are experts in providing care to patients through through a comprehensive lens. Irrespective of age, sex, or type of disease, your Family Doctor works with their patients to achieve the best possible outcome using all available resources including but not limited to our in house rehabilitation team.

    Since a family physician often follows patients over an extended period of a person’s lifetime they are able to provide custom care and advice based on an extensive health history. This gives doctors at Integra Health Centre the unique advantage to make accurate diagnoses, watch for red flags regarding medications and closely monitor changes in your health over the years.

    Family doctors are able to manage chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and arthritis and much more. They can treat acute situations such as sinus infections and injuries. Family doctors at Integra Health Centre are an excellent resource when maintaining care during pregnancy in adjunct with an obstetrician. They are also always available to perform minor surgical procedures (i.e wart freezing, abscess drainage)

How Can I Access this Service?

Integra Health is conveniently located in the Financial District in downtown Toronto, a few steps away from King Station and Union Station. We are at the corners of Bay & King and King & York and are easily accessible through the Toronto PATH system.

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Most aspects of your health care is covered through the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP), however certain administrative and/or medical services are not and requires additional payment.

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