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Chiropody services are offered at our two clinics in downtown Toronto, both accessible through the PATH. Our chiropodist has significant training and has engaged in extensive post graduate courses to be able to provide the most comprehensive treatment plans possible.


What can a Chiropodist do?

At Integra Health Centre, your chiropodist can help:

  • Treat specific health issues like arthritis, diabetes and sports injuries
  • Prescribe therapies for ongoing treatment
  • Prescribe necessary medications to treat ailments of the foot or ankle
  • Diagnose and treat skin or nail diseases, deformities, ulcers, tumors and fractures

Why You May Need A Chiropodist

Foot pain, whether you are experiencing pain at the nails, skin, heel, or ball of your foot, should not be ignored. Your foot health is an integral determinant of the quality of your life. At Integra Health Centre our chiropodist can help you navigate through your pains and ailments in the feet to help better your overall lifestyle. Our Chiropodist can look to address your pain as soon as possible to be able to treat as well as prevent further complications down the road.

A Registered Chiropodist is a primary health care professional who specializes in the assessment, management, and prevention of dysfunctions, disorders, and diseases of the foot. Here are a few benefits of visiting a chiropodist for a foot check.


Checking for nail abnormalities

Your toenails are much more susceptible to changes and infections than your fingernails, mainly due to their vulnerability to damage or trauma. Toenails can become thickened, discoloured, curved, and painful. If you start noticing these changes, book an appointment with our Chiropodist at Integra Health Centre to help safely manage these changes and determine the cause, ruling out fungus or ingrown toenail.

Checking for skin disorders

Your feet spend a lot of time in a closed space either in a pair of shoes or a pair of socks. If you exercise regularly or if your feet are naturally sweaty, this introduces another factor: moisture. All these things increase the chance of getting Athlete’s foot or a plantar wart. Hard callus and deep corns can also cause pain and can easily be treated by a our Chiropodist.

Correcting Foot Function

If you have foot pain, the chances are, the underlying cause is due to how your foot moves through your gait. With time, these abnormal movements can cause strain and sometimes even permanent damages in the soft tissues and joints. Addressing the issue sooner than later through proper footwear advice, stretches, taping, and/or custom foot orthotics will work out to your benefit.

A foot specialist knows the ins and outs of foot health and is able to treat a very wide spectrum of foot problems with various treatment options. Get your feet on the path of good health today. Call Integra Health Centre to book an appointment with one of our registered chiropodists.


For Orthotic Assessments, please call our office to book an appointment.