How Chiropractors Help & Treat Lower Back Pain

Wondering how chiropractors help and treat lower back pain?

You’re not alone.

Whether you’re in Downtown Toronto or elsewhere in the GTA, our chiropractors can help with you with low back pain relief.

If your low back is absolutely killing you, and your internet-diagnosing coworker has helpfully suggested you might have a deadly virus, please don’t obsess about it; most back pain does not result from serious underlying illnesses, though it may feel awful and cramp your style in more ways than one.

The fact is that back pain, while very common, isn’t very well understood; the vast majority of patients with acute and chronic low back pain never even discover its cause.

Obviously, that doesn’t mean there is nothing to be done about your back pain! It is absolutely possible to effectively treat low back pain regardless of its origins, even if those remain obscure – and chiropractors are the doctors with the training, technical know-how and practical experience to provide low back pain relief.

Causes of Lower Back Pain

While it can be very difficult to identify the precise cause(s) of low back pain, some common reasons for it have been identified:

  • Mechanical pain: pulled muscles and stretched ligaments connected to the spinal vertebrae. Can be the result of movements like bending, twisting, lifting, sleeping in an awkward position, improper posture etc.
  • Pinched sciatic nerve
  • ‘Slipped’, herniated and torn discs, which can result from an injury such as a fall or a motor vehicle collision
  • ‘Referred pain’ from hips, ankles and feet that affects proper function of the spine and central nervous system, resulting in lower back pain
  • Bone fractures
  • Underlying medical conditions such as tumours, disease or infections (relatively rare)

What Can Chiropractic Do for Back Pain?

Millions of visits to chiropractors are logged in Canada each year.

But, what exactly do chiropractors do for back pain?

Chiropractic is a proven, drug-free health care alternative that uses hands-on spinal manipulation and other alternative treatments to properly align the spine and the body’s musculoskeletal structure so that it can heal itself, without invasive surgery or addictive medications.

Our downtown Toronto chiropractors are trained for at least four years in how to manipulate the musculoskeletal system for health, chiropractic is a highly controlled treatment that can produce extremely positive results in patients suffering from lower back pain as a result of traumatic events (like a slip and fall) or repetitive stress (such as daily sitting with poor posture).

With manual chiropractic adjustments (manipulation), exercise prescription, acupuncture, soft tissue therapy and many other safe and effective modalities, our chiropractors typically use their highly refined skills to reduce pain and restore mobility to joints that have been restricted by tissue injury.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care:

  • Reduced risk of re-injury due to restored function and improved habits
  • Relaxation of tense muscles
  • Relief for acute back pain (such as that sustained in a sudden injury)
  • Reduction in referred pain, such as neck pain, hip pain and headaches
  • Relief from chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia
  • Reduction in occurrence of degenerative diseases

Get Chiropractic Treatments for Lower Back Pain

Millions of Canadians turn to chiropractors each year for relief from back pain, as it is a highly regulated field with well-trained practitioners.

At Integra Health Centre, our capable team of chiropractors is trained to manage and assess all muscular, spinal, joint and nervous system injuries, as well as provide symptomatic relief for patients suffering from chronic conditions.

It’s important to find out whether chiropractic care is right for you; people with certain medical conditions, or who take certain medications, may be recommended to seek alternatives to chiropractic.

Book an appointment with a member of our interdisciplinary team to discover whether chiropractic can help you beat lower back pain and get moving again!



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