Downtown Toronto Foot Care – Chiropody: What you need to know

What is a Chiropodist? Our downtown Toronto Chiropodist at Integra Health is a foot specialist that mainly focuses on foot and ankle health, but is also experienced with treating the lower limb such as calves, knees, hips, and low back.


What does a Chiropodist do?

  • -Examines lower limb pains, injuries, and deformities such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles’ pain, fractures, ankle, shin, knee, hip, and lower back pain


  • – Makes custom made orthotics and bracing


  • – Treats ingrown nails, corns, calluses, warts, nail care, fungal nails, and skin


  • – Performs soft tissue surgeries (nail removals for ingrown nails, tendon releases for claw toes, wart needling and excision, cyst removal)


  • – Prescribes necessary medications (antibiotics, steroid creams, fungal creams, NSAIDS)


  • – Provides education: Diabetes, footwear, home treatment plans


  • – Administers Steroid Injections


  • – Assesses a detailed patient history, footwear wear analysis, weight bearing body assessment, biomechanical and gait analysis, appropriate functional tests, non-weight bearing lower limb joint range of motions



Why are feet important? Feet are one of the most important aspects of our bodies.  Every day we walk, everyday your feet carry and absorb all your body weight, forces, and shock for our comfort. Now add in running, sports, and weightlifting and the forces multiple 100x.

What do you do if your feet hurt?  Not walking is simply not an answer!!!

Whether you are suffering from foot pain or back pain, the whole body is connected and a lot of problems stem from the feet.  A lot of systemic conditions will first show signs in feet and nails, and early recognition can prevent conditions from progressing.  Even if you don’t suffer from any pain, a lot of deformities can develop like bunions, claw toes etc. that can lead to future issues – so here, PREVENTION is key!!!


Simple General Prevention Tips:

1) Do daily foot check – are there any calluses/corns, warts, blisters, angled toes (bunions, tailors bunions, claw toes), bumps – if so, come on in for a foot assessment.


2) If you have pain in your feet, ankles, calves, knees, hips, low back – GET IT CHECKED OUT ASAP.


3) Clean your feet every day and ensure they are dry – Microorganisms such as fungus bacteria and viruses love dark moist areas like your shoes and showers/yoga studios, not properly drying them can lead to potential infection.


4) Keep your feet well hydrated and moisturized to avoid cracks in the heel. You can also use a foot file to keep heels smooth.


5) Avoid walking barefoot in public/gym showers, pools, yoga studio.


  • – Most common place to pick up nail/foot fungus and warts


  • – Wear sandals (or socks in yoga studios to and from your mat)


6) Avoid getting pedicures to avoid nail and foot fungus OR bring your own nail polish and clear nail polish.


7) Give your nails a break from nail polish every few weeks.




  • – The calf muscles insert into the foot and above the knee, this muscle being tight is usually the main reason any lower limb problems start


9) Avoid barefoot on hard wood floors.


  • – Wear any supportive shoes or sandals indoors – your feet will thank you!


10) Red/itchy feet or thick/discolor nail – it may be nail/skin fungus – THIS DOES NOT GO AWAY ON ITS OWN.


11)Whenever cutting your own nails – cut them straight across, never angled them- If you start to feel an ingrown occurring, come in for an assessment and treatment.


Do we have you convinced to book in yet? If you are still unsure about the assessment or if you need one, book a 15 min FREE consults with our downtown Toronto Chiropodist, Amanda Birch, and let’s chat about how she can help you.


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