What is Shockwave and Why Might It Be Useful for You?

Written by: Kristy Blair BSc, CAT (C) @theendurancechiro Do you have pain with your first couple of steps out of bed in the morning? Do you have an old rotator cuff tear? If you have been treated by a chiropractor, physiotherapist, or Athletic Therapist chances are that you have been offered shockwave as an adjunct to your therapy. So why is this tool so popular and what is it actually......
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What is an Athletic Therapist, and Why Do You Need to See One?

Written by: Kristy Blair BSc, CAT (C) @theendurancechiro As an Athletic Therapist who has worked with multiple professional sports teams and furthered my education towards becoming a Chiropractor, I always get asked what an Athletic Therapist is? An Athletic Therapist is a sports medicine professional specializing in the prevention, immediate care, and on-going rehabilitation of sports or physical activity-related muscle, bone, or joint injuries. Athletic Therapists treat professional athletes to......
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Manage Your Tennis Elbow With These 3 Exercises

Lateral epicondylitis is the technical term for "tennis elbow" or elbow tendonitis. Ironically, most people who experience this injury don't play tennis. People of all walks of life can experience tennis elbow from tasks such as carrying heavy objects, working at a computer or even sleeping in an awkward position. Tennis elbow is an injury that describes elbow pain outside of the elbow joint and the tendons surrounding the muscles,......
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