A Physiotherapist’s Guide To Preventing Winter Related Injuries

We all dread it, but it’s happening: winter is coming, and the fun times on ice and snow will be met with injuries if you are not careful. Sure, our Canadian winters are long, and we should be experts by now at traversing the winterscape. Still, even the best of us winter aficionados have fallen prey to slippery sidewalks and aching pain from shoveling a fresh layer of snow from......
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A Physiotherapist’s Perspective on Three Common Pain Relief Devices

Who among us hasn’t been sitting on the couch at 2pm (or am) with the TV droning on in the background only to get sucked into a 5 minute infomercial about a cure for all medical device that is sure to change your life? Now I won’t name any names in this post, but there’s no shortage of quick fix devices that promise to immediately cure whatever ailment you have.......
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Grief: A Delicate Path

Grief. One small word which carries monumental meaning. Grief could be defined as experiencing loss and a sense of desolation. The truth is, however, there are many different ways to describe grief.  On a personal level, there is no one way to experience grief. At one time, it was thought you needed to be dealing with another mental health condition or that you were required to undergo a complicated recovery process......
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