Monday Morning Secrets: 7 NEW habits to help keep you living healthy


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Dietitian’s Monday Morning Secrets - Curious?   New Year, New Resolutions? Nope! It’s the first Monday of 2019. I am sure a lot of you may be gearing up to fulfilling your health related new year resolutions or goals. If your primary intention behind the new year resolution is to lose a few pounds or to ‘detox’ out of guilt or shame about perceived over-indulgence - it’s more than likely you’ll simply......
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Registered Dietitian vs. Nutritionist


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Difference between Registered Dietitians and Nutritionists by Jenifer Tharani, RD, Integra Health Centre   REGISTERED DIETITIANS (RD) Dietitians are a trusted source of nutrition advice because they are extensively educated and trained before they can register with a provincial regulatory body. They must complete an accredited undergraduate degree in nutrition, an accredited supervised dietetic internship program AND successfully complete the Canadian Dietetics Registration Exam to assess competence to practice in......
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Your Guide to a Healthy Bone Diet


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November is National Osteoporosis Month and Registered Dietitian, Jenifer Tharani, shares her Bone Health Guide with you to get you started on a Healthy Bone Diet today! Her guide contains: Osteoporosis facts Why you should care about Bone Health Key nutrients for Bone Health and the next steps you should take in caring for your health and wellness   As an added bonus, check out her healthy smoothie recipe for......
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