Breaks Increase Productivity & Reduce Stress

It is 3pm…  we are 3 coffees in and slowly starting to feel sluggish and slightly unproductive.  Aside from indulging in those sugary-delicious holiday cookies that have been taunting us in the lunchroom all day, what else can we do to increase our energy levels, gain focus, and raise productivity?

Our brain’s ability to focus is directly correlated to our body’s neuro-vascular function.  You have likely heard that exercise can help to clear your mind, well this is true! The brain utilizes increased levels of oxygen and glucose in order to function optimally. When we are sitting for long periods of time our circulatory system becomes sluggish.  It is through muscle contraction, vasomotion and movement at our joints that fluid is circulated. When we get up and move around our muscles/joints will help to pump fluid through our system and help to supply oxygenated blood, and other nutrients such as glucose, to the brain and CNS.
Say ‘no’ to cookies, just get up and go for a stroll!
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