How Beginners Can Avoid Common Running Injuries

Running may seem like a simple activity but it accounts for a significant portion of sports injuries, especially in beginners. Although various running injuries exist, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, and iliotibial band syndrome are the more common types of injuries experienced by runners.  The medical professionals at Integra Health Centre have compiled this list of the most common running injuries and have also outlined ways on how you can avoid......
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How to Support a Friend Who’s Dealing With Anxiety

Anxiety is common for many of us — and most of us will experience it on some level in our lives. In the last year, the changes and uncertainties presented by COVID-19 have also caused a great deal of us to experience heightened levels of anxiety. In short, anxiety is our hardwired system designed by evolution to warn us when we might be in danger. While this is meant to......
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