Psychotherapy is proven to increase your happiness, improve your motivation and help you to better understand yourself and the world around you. Therapy will help you to manage your stress, reduce your anxiety, and will assist you in setting goals for the future. In working together, a psychotherapist can help you to explore and identify your emotions and patterns of thinking and bring a new perspective to the challenges that you are experiencing. Psychotherapy can also assist you in developing new ways of coping with the difficulties you are facing and help you to find a new sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in your life.

Though the decision to begin therapy can be a difficult one, it is also one of the most beneficial decisions that you can make for yourself.

Psychotherapy involves the regular meeting of two individuals—therapist and client—with the joint goal of exploring and understanding the client’s difficulties, questions, emotions, memories, and desires.

There is a broad range of reasons why people choose to enter therapy, but generally it is because something in their life is troubling them.

Psychotherapy can help adults overcome challenges with:

  • Depression, sadness, loneliness
  • Anxiety, panic, fear, shame
  • Grief, bereavement and loss
  • Self-esteem or self-confidence, shyness
  • Feeling stuck or wanting more
  • Dating issues
  • Anger/aggression/communication problems
  • LCBTQ issues
  • Managing expectations of family members, friends, self
  • Motivation and procrastination
  • Life transitions
  • Personal development and growth
  • Stress management
  • Relationship problems, instability, conflict or communication issues
  • Work related issues
  • Illness or disease diagnoses
  • Death or sickness of a family member
  • “What if” thinking or feeling overwhelmed


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A referral to see one of our Psychotherapists is not required, and same day appointments are available. If your insurance provider requires a referral, one of our physicians at Integra Health Centre can help provide this. Please ensure you inform our receptionists if this is needed before your visit.

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