Kavita Patel


** Kavita will now be working out of both our Exchange Tower and Commerce Court locations, at a full time capacity. Be sure to check her availability online*


Doesn’t life just seem too hard sometimes? With so many responsibilities, trying your best to keep up in this fast paced world or wondering how to keep up can be challenging. If stressors of family life, career, and patterns of unhealthy relationships are making you feel run down, depressed, sad, frustrated, angry or even lonely, talking about it and having someone to really listen can help.

Kavita is a registered Social Worker (MSW, RSW) and a Clinical Therapist at Integra Health. Over the past eighteen years she has been working with children, teenagers, women, and families, starting her career as a volunteer at a women’s shelter at the age of eighteen and as a child and youth worker in her early 20’s.

After receiving her Bachelors’ in Social Work from McGill University in 2006, she started her career as a Registered Social Worker predominately working in hospitals in Montreal. Kavita expanded her career at an international level and lived in London, United Kingdom where she further advanced her skillset in risk analysis, safety planning and family reunification processes and procedure. In 2016, Kavita graduated with her Masters in Social Work from the University of Toronto. While pursuing her Masters, she found a new appreciation in evidence-informed treatment and taking a course in Neuroscience would be cause for a new and exciting direction in her approach as a Clinical therapist.

Although Kavita is knowledgeable about relational patterns, processes of growth and change, acceptance, crisis management and techniques to manage daily stress, she believes that you are ultimately the expert in your life. Kavita can help you connect the pieces of your past, how these experiences have developed the person you are today and with your motivation and efforts for change, make positive experiences to benefit your future.

Kavita can help you discover your own expertise and wisdom to manage your life and live the life you want to live.

Kavita describes her practice model with the therapeutic partnership between yourself and her, as being the number one factor in determining the outcome of therapy. She draws inspiration from a variety of modalities, theories and perspectives ranging from Systemic Theory, Emotional Focused Therapy (Attachment), and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Brief Solution Focused Therapy, Narrative and Mindfulness strategies. Kavita practices from an Anti-Oppressive, Strengths/ Brain- Based, Neuro counseling Framework, understanding and incorporating counselling techniques focusing on the link between brain and behaviour.

Kavita is committed to understanding you and your emotions, your fears, your challenges, struggles and successes from your perspective and how you experience these moments. Her acceptance, compassion, honesty, patience, insight and firm belief in collaborating with you can help create a safe space to start this dialogue.

With this in mind, you and Kavita can work towards developing strategies and tools, to help reset your life to be more satisfying, present, balanced and manageable when stressed and overwhelmed.

It is never an easy step to open up your life to a therapist but when you do make the decision, Kavita will welcome you and is honoured and humbled to take this journey with you.

Bachelors of Social Work
McGill University
Montreal, ON
Masters of Social Work (MSW)
University of Toronto
Toronto, ON
  • Trauma Informed Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Conflict resolution/ Crisis intervention
  • Ethics Certification
  • Cultural Competency Training
  • Emotion Focused Family Therapy
  • Ontario Worker Health and Safety Awareness
  • Bilingual certificate (French)
  • CPR Certification
  • Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation
Specialty Interests
  • Neuroscience/ Neuroplasticity in Social Work practice (On-going training and study specific to counselling techniques)
Professional Memberships
  • OCSWSSW Registration #821248
  • Ontario Association of Social Worker (application in process)


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