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Integra Health is Toronto's Most Comprehensive Clinic For All Your Medical, Rehabilitation and Wellness Needs.
Visit an Integra Health Centre today at either one of our two convenient locations — The Exchange Tower or Commerce Court.

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Integra - Toronto's Premier Medical Health Clinics

Whether you're looking for a chiropractor downtown in Toronto to rehabilitate an injury, a family doctor for routine health checks or an allergy specialist, Integra is your all-in-one health centre.

Our modern clinic's premise is to take a collaborative approach to healthcare by offering an extensive range of services at convenient downtown Toronto locations.

We want to remove the stress of limited appointment bookings, long wait-times and having to seek out different clinics for various aspects of your health. We have primary care, medical specialists and other rehabilitation practices to make a healthy lifestyle approachable and convenient.

Toronto Boutique Heath Clinic

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Are you looking to book a last-minute physiotherapy session in downtown Toronto? We have two central locations — connect with our King Street physio clinic or Bay Street clinic today.
Our commitment is to our patient's health. We offer same-day appointments for Family & Walk-In Medical treatments and as well all Rehabilitation & Wellness services.
Toronto Boutique Heath Clinic


Integra Health Centre has the most comprehensive list of services under one roof:
Toronto Boutique Heath Clinic

Integra Team

We have a team of highly trained professionals, here to serve an extensive range of your healthcare needs. Whether you're looking for cosmetic therapies, allergy testing or pelvic floor physiotherapy in downtown Toronto, our team is here to support you in your wellness journey.

Patient Resources

Rather than treating you for symptoms, we want to empower you to take your health into your own hands through in-clinic discussions and additional resources.
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Integra Health
Not Your Typical Doctor's Office

At Integra, you can feel comfortable knowing that you're getting the best care available to suit your schedule. Our practitioners are committed to service and all the luxuries of our state-of-the-art centres.

Expect a Truly Remarkable Experience

  • We put our clients first. Both our locations offer same-day appointments, minimal wait times and a warm, stress-free environment.
  • Our promise to provide a better healthcare experience means you'll look forward to your next appointment!

From corporate wellness, weight management and lab services to chiropractic services in Toronto, we've got the best team of respected health professionals to keep you feeling your best.

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We’ve reinvented your health care experience around you, combining clinical excellence with a modern approach.

A Unique Approach To Holistic Wellness

Our team includes primary care, a wide range of medical specialists, rehabilitation providers and wellness practitioners — all working together to optimize your health.

Imagine having a psychotherapy clinic in Toronto, your family practitioner and your sports physiotherapist all in one convenient location. That's the type of medical and wellness centre we've created for our patients.


Same-Day Appointments

Minimal wait-times mean you can fit more of your wellness plan into your schedule. Integra medical appointments are booked efficiently with same-day appointments and minimal to no waiting times.


Access to Top Healthcare Professionals

  • Rigorously selected physicians and healthcare professionals
  • Hand-picked network specialists, allied health professionals and rehabilitation specialists
  • Thoughtful and holistic care
  • More quality time with providers who listen to you

Responsive and Reliable

  • Advanced technologies, paperless clinic
  • On-site lab tests
  • Convenient office hours and locations
Upcoming Events and Workshops

We are honoured to be one of the leaders in health and wellness education. We host hands-on workshops and seminars with our award-winning and highly trained experts. Join us as we explore topics including Fertility, Cosmetics, Bloating, Mental Health, Parenting and much more.

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If you've always had trouble finding a reliable health practitioner or struggle to find clinics that suit your busy schedule, consider our wellness clinic.

Not only do we have an extensive range of specialties and treatments, but we do our best to accommodate bookings that fit into your schedule.

As an Integra patient, you no longer have to worry about long wait times or seeking out different health professionals yourself — we've taken this stress off your hands. Get back to feeling your healthiest and back to the things you love in life most — and book a consultation with us today.

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